1. Environmental Degradation

The existence of moisture and other particles in the atmosphere can cause damage or corrosion in the photovoltaic equipment, reducing the performance of the system and increasing the risk of fire.

2. Verification of system performance

Electrical faults or wiring failures can cause production decrease. The periodic inspection of the PV system verifies the performance over extended periods.

3. Damage to wiring

Corroded or damaged cables can cause electrical problems and under – performance.

4.Inspection of Photovoltaic panels

Dirty or damaged modules due to stones or objects dropped by birds, result in decreased output.

5. Fire Risk Prevention

Regular inspection of the PV system reduces the potential risk of fire.

6. Effective grounding

Insufficient grounding system can cause electric shock.

7. Ground Faults

Poor insulation in underground cabling can cause electricity earth leakage. This can significantly reduce the efficiency of the system.

8. Compliance with IEC 62446

The international IEC 62446 standard recommends periodic inspections of photovoltaic installations.

9. Warranty fulfillment

Inspection to identify and verify the continued safe operation and optimum energy output can be required by product warranties and component guarantees.

10. Customer Documentation

Copies of all test and commissioning data should be provided to the customer as part of the system documentation when a PV system is installed.