Energy Production for Own Consumption


Photovoltaic (PV) Self-Consumption is defined as the generation / production of electricity using Photovoltaic Systems (PV), which are installed on the roof of Commercial or Industrial premises or in the plot in which the consumer’s premises are located. The electric energy generated / produced by the PV System is instantly used to supply consumer’s loads and whatever surplus is returned to the Grid is not exchanged and has no further economic benefit for the producer at later stage. Photovoltaic energy is exclusively used for self-consumption and not for economic exploitation.

Hence/for this reason, a precise design and accurate evaluation of the premise’s load profile, the installed power of the PV System and its production capacity is required. The production should be adjusted to the exact needs of the consumer, so as to prevent the channelling of surplus energy to the Grid, for which the producer is not compensated. The aim is to minimise the initial investing expense and to maximise the generated energy usage factor.

K – ENERGY by Karantonis, based on the group’s many years of experience in the energy sector, has the expertise to provide an integrated solution to the commercial and industrial consumers in terms of their need analysis, design and installation of P/V systems. We aim to present and accomplish the ideal proposal, which corresponds to the power profile of the individual consumer.


The connection of P/V systems to the Grid results to increased operational costs to the supplier, mostly due to stand by generation capacity; these costs is paid by the producer through the payment of operational fees. The charge is calculated on the kWh produced by the P/V system, which is self-consumed by the premises and is not exported into the Grid.

The fees depend on the voltage of the PV’s connection point to the System as follows:

  • High voltage connection (HV): 1,31€ cent / kWh produced
  • Medium voltage connection (MV): 1,63€ cent / kWh produced
  • Low voltage connection (LV): 2,01€ cent / kWh produced

Additionally, the producer is charged with Public Utilities services fees (PUS), on the rate 0,134 € cent / kWh and Renewable Energy Sources charges (RSE), on the rate 0,5 € cent / kWh. Note that the aforementioned charges are set by CERA and may be revised if the market conditions requires so.

Furthermore, the Producer pays lump sum to the Distribution System Operator, which relates with the administration cost of the application, the update of the equipment used to record the energy produced and consumed, as well as with the installation of telemetry systems. This amount is determined subsequent to the study of the data received at the connection point with the System of each premises.