Net Metering for ALL

Net Metering installations in Cyprus can reach 10 kW maximum power and 16600 kWh of average annual production


Net-metering is a billing arrangement where consumers who generate electricity on their residential premises with the use of Photovoltaic System may export the excess of this to the Electric Utility Grid and use it to offset electricity imported from the Grid to the premise during the applicable billing period. In case that the consumption exceeds the production, then the consumer will be billed the difference, while in the opposite case, the production surplus is transferred to be used in the following (forthcoming) two-month billing period. The final clearing will be stated on the last bill of the financial year (February-March). Any surplus may not be transferred to the next billing year.

In cases of Residential Consumers, the metering may contain the electrical consumption of Storage Heaters if it is requested.

The maximum power allowed per beneficiary according to the Cyprus Governmental Scheme is 10 kW.

You have the right to apply for Net Metering for any Residential orCommercial Building.

These investments regard installments of Photovoltaic (PV) Systems on the roof of licensed domestic units (primary house) or buildings, in which local authorities are housed or on the ground of the plot in which the aforementioned building is located.

In cases that the suggested installation place is of common use (e.g. blocks), then all owners must declare that they agree for the installation at the premises.

Any individual falling in the category of vulnerable consumers according to the relevant order of the Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism, or any recipient of the Single Parent Families Subsidy with annual gross family income €39,000, who is also a permanent resident in the domestic unit in which the Photovoltaic (PV) System is installed has the right to apply/is an eligible applicant. In this case the applicant is funded €900 per kWp installed, with maximum fund of €2,700 prior to him submitting the relevant request and having obtained the permission by the Cyprus Institute of Energy.

The optimum installation parameters of a P/V system according to the geographic location of Cyprus, is South oriented with inclination of 28ο-30ο. Any divergence from these parameters affects the system output negatively resulting to the relevant divergence on the optimum economic return.

The net area required for a P/V installation of 3kWp – 10kWp is approximately 25m² – 80m² if installed in a tiled roof or approximately 45m² – 150m² if installed on a flat roof/terrace. The installation is subject to the orders in force of the relevant House Planning Department.

The average annual energy yield of a Photovoltaic (PV) System with capacity of 10kWp, over a 20-year period, reaches 16600kWh, equivalent to €3320 compensation in electricity bills, based on the EAC residential tariff (€0,20/kWh).

The useful life of such P/V system exceeds 20 years.

The Net Metering Contract with EAC is valid for 15 years for Residential Consumers and 10 years for Commercial Consumers.

K – ENERGY by Karantonis provides written warranty for the Photovoltaic (PV) System delivered and manufacturer’s warranties for every product and equipment used in the installation of the PV System.

Photovoltaic Modules or Solar Panels have a written 10-year warranty by the manufacturer that the respective PV Module is free of material defects. Moreover manufacturers of PV Modules provide a 25-year performance warranty guarantee on every module.

Solar inventers have a 5-year warranty by the manufacturer with extension right from 10 up to 20 years.

The applications should be submitted to the EAC, which is the Distribution System Operator. (DSO).

Upon the submission of his application, the applicant should pay the fee for the meter replacement. The current meter is replaced with a new one of bidirectional measurement (capability of double recording) to record the power produced by the Photovoltaic (PV) System which is Exported to the Grid , as well as the premises’ energy consumption which is Imported from the Grid.

EAC issues its approval/permission or its justified rejection of the application within seven (7) working days. In case the application is rejected, only €200 + V.A.T out of the amount paid for the replacement of the meter is returned to the applicant within twenty working days as of the rejection day. The amount of fifty euro (€50) withheld reflects the administration cost of the application by EAC.

Subsequent to the installation of the Photovoltaic (PV) System, an application should be submitted to EAC for inspection and connection of the system with the utility Grid. EAC is responsible to schedule the inspection and the connection within a time period not exceeding 25 working days as of the submission day of the application for connection.

Applicants should have completed the installation, the inspection and the connection of the Photovoltaic (PV) System to the Grid within 60 working days. In case that the installation, inspection and connection of the Photovoltaic (PV) system to the GridSystem are not completed within the 60-day period set, then the approval obtained is no longer in force.

The prospective producer / consumer upon his application submission pays a lump sum of €250 + VAT, which is the administration cost of the application by EAC, the replacement cost of the meter and the inspection and connection cost of the Distribution System.

The producer / consumer pays an annual fee to the Supplier of €47,23 + VAT per kWp, to offset the belayed/deferred production and consumption of power in the house. These charges are paid by the producer / consumer in six equal instalments and are included in the supplier’s invoice, i.e €7,87 + VAT per kWp of the P/V system. This fee is subject to future variations according to the rules and regulations published by the Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority (CERA).

Based on the Photovoltaic (PV) System’s economic return expected, the payback period of the initial investment is estimated to be 5 – 6 years.

  1. Copy of the last 6 utility bills or copy of the statement of the last twelve-month electricity consumption of the building, which is issued by EAC Customer Service Department.
  2. Copy of a recent EAC utility bill, in the applicant’s name, which regards the domestic unit in which the P/V system will be installed.
  3. Copy of the Title Deed of the building in which the P/V system will be installed (In case the title has not been issued, a copy of the plot’s ownership title and construction license should be attached)
  4. Building License
  5. Owners’ consent for installation in case the owners are more than one, or the owner is not the applicant.
  6. Copy of the Plot Layout Plan of the area in which the house is located.
  7. Signed statement from the applicant that the domestic unit for which the application is submitted is used as a permanent first house.
  8. Permanent residence certification or six (6) recent EAC utility bills in the name of the applicant, in case he is not a Cypriot national.
  9. Proof that the applicant falls within the category of vulnerable consumers (applicable for consumers that fall in Vulnerable categories and are eligible for incentives)

     Note: For Commercial Consumers the points 4,5,7,8,9 are not applicable.