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Implementation and development of BIPV glazing system in a pilot site in Cyprus

The need to invest in green technology is becoming more urgent in order to curve the impact of climate change in our everyday life. The aim is to abandon the traditional ways of production and transform our society and economy into sustainable ones for the future generations. To meet this ambitious target, the European Union included in the European Green Deal investments in green technologies and sustainable solutions. One of them is the higher penetration of Building Integrated Photovoltaic System – BIPVs

BIPV technology refers to the capacity of the photovoltaic (PV) system to be used as a building component that produces energy. BIPV products are capable of fully replacing construction elements of the building envelope such as roofing, façade cladding and glazing surfaces as well as some architectural elements, for example balconies.

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After the great interest in the second and final phase of the granting scheme for Residential Buildings Energy Upgrades, the Ministry announced the end of the submission of applications. The scheme remains, however, open to homes that are located in the British Bases areas.

This “Energy Upgrades” scheme is a first-class opportunity to upgrade your existing home with reduced costs as part of the expense is covered by the grant and can cover the following basic eligible improvements:

  • Thermal insulation for walls
  • Thermal insulation of roofs
  • Energy efficient aluminum frames

Other optional eligible costs covered by the plan are the installation of heat pumps, air conditioners, etc.

Funding budget

The amount of funding can reach up to 50% of the total budget of the proposal, while for eligible beneficiaries categorized as vulnerable consumers the funding rate is increased up to 75%. The total of the grant can reach up to €25,000. 

Please contact us at 22 311234 or via email at [email protected] for more details on the criteria and conditions.

“SAVENERGY” Invitation

You are invited to the 9th Energy Saving Exhibition “Savenrgy 2013” which will take place in Nicosia at the CyprusExpo, Pavillions No. 6 & 5 from 20th to 22nd of September 2013.

Opening Hours:

Friday: 4p.m – 10p.m

Saturday: 3p.m – 10p.m

Sunday: 12p.m – 10p.m

Entrance: Free