FAQ Renewable Energy Sources (RES)

photovoltaic systems for swimming pools Cyprus

Summer is here for good and we are already feeling is blazing sun. Those who don’t own a swimming pool, could be dreaming of cooling off, lazily relaxing on a floatable bed, enjoying the crystal clear, azure water, cool drink in hand, shaded by a wide, straw sun hat, or enjoying splashing around with the family.

On the other hand, those who are neither daydreaming, but do own a swimming pool, are perhaps not so relaxed, because they know that the cost to clean it is rising like mercury in the Cyprus summer.

For the pool to be cleaned, its pumps must work at an… electrifying cost. As the price of oil constantly rises, pool owners are faced with the dilemma of whether to turn on the pumps and enjoy a cool swim in their pool or whether to economise and simply take in the view…

When the sun cools things down!

It is from the very same scorching Cyprus sun, that we draw on, to offer you the solution! Recycle the water of your swimming pool with free solar energy and near zero cost, and enjoy the summer in our the fresh, but above all, all clean swimming pool. Of all renewable energy sources, solar energy used for the recycling of swimming pool water, is used for the most reliable system. By using this system, you save on electricity.

How it works

Autonomous Solar Energy System for recycling swimming pool water

The Solar Energy System supplies the recycling pump with energy, which causes the water to circulate throughout the filtering system. This energy changes, not only during the day, but also throughout the seasons, all year round. Thus, the need for recycling – filtering the water is fully counterbalanced. During the summer, due to the clear sunny sky, the recycling is performed at a greater frequency, solving the increased need for water filtering.

The cost

The operational cost is eliminated after the installation! As the system is autonomous there is no further charge.

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a Photovoltaic System off the grid Cyprus

If you have a house or a cottage off the grid in Cyprus then the installation of an autonomous (standalone) photovoltaic system is the perfect solution. This will enable you to enjoy the benefits of energy whatever your needs might be.

Autonomous Photovoltaic Systems are power generation systems that are using photovoltaic panels which produce and save the energy off the grid. The energy produced by photovoltaics can be used directly or be stored in batteries to give you the choice to use the energy as needed. An autonomous photovoltaic system can meet any needs depending on the size the user will choose to install.

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Storage Heaters cost reducing Cyprus

The upcoming 42% raise in electricity cost for storage heater’s consumption in Cyprus, as presented to be the result of new electricity tariff structure, in combination with the continuous rise in electricity prices due to the global rise of oil prices, are expected to trigger a reaction storm by consumers who trusted EAC’s promotion of low equipment cost and low energy consumption cost for storage heaters. This tariff raise will affect more than 21,000 households in Cyprus. K-Energy is here to inform you and propose solutions that could help you cut down the costs of electricity and overcome any concerns generated by the possible increasing impact that the new electricity tariffs structure would have on electricity cost in Cyprus.

Part of the electricity consumption from storage heaters can be offset by net metering. Dwellings in Cyprus with installed photovoltaic systems under the net metering scheme are eligible to offset the electricity consumption of storage heaters with any credit/surplus of generated green energy from photovoltaics, in their final billing period of the fiscal year, ending February – March according to the net metering scheme in Cyprus. The surplus should be offset by the energy consumed by the storage heaters, only if the applicants declare to the utility company that they want the storage heaters to be included in the set-offs. In addition, taking advantage of the photovoltaic power generation under the net metering scheme in Cyprus will minimize the energy costs of the premises all year round.

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Photovoltaic Systems for Businesses in Cyprus

In recent months, the cost of electricity keeps increasing in Cyprus. This naturally affects businesses too and so many owners of small and large companies are seeking for alternative ways of electricity production with photovoltaic systems.

In Cyprus there are two state schemes active which can cover the cost of electricity, for commercial and industrial consumers. The first one is the Net Metering Scheme, which works the same way as in residential applications. The net metering scheme is proposed mainly for small-scale enterprises, where energy consumption does not exceed 10,000kWh annually. Maximum installed power allowed for net metering is up to 10kWp.

The second scheme is the Self Consumption Scheme and this is the ideal solution for companies with large electricity consumption. The installed capacity rangesfrom 10kWp to 10,000kWp maximum. The self-consumption scheme allows the electricity prosumer to self-consume the generated energy from the photovoltaic system for the needs of its premises. Any surplus of generated electricity is fed to the grid and it is not credited back to the owner in any way, either as economic payback or offset of electricity consumption. This rises the importance of precise electricity consumption analysis, proper sizing and design of the proposed Photovoltaic System so that the minimum possible generated is not used and injected to the grid.

Moreover, the self-consumption system connection will entail some service costs. The producer shall pay capacity costs per generated kilowatt hour from photovoltaics being consumed. Additionally, Public Service Obligations fee and Renewable Energy Sources Special Fund levy would be charged for every self-consumed kilowatt-hour. Finally the prosumenr will pay a lump sum, during the connection to the grid procedure, to the Distribution System Operator for the metering hardware and administrative expenses related to application handling.

K-Energy, has the expertise to offer a complete solution for commercial and industrial consumers in terms of analysis, design and installation of net metering and self-consumption systems for businesses. For more information call us on 22311234 or by email at [email protected].

10 stages of photovoltaic system installation in Cyprus.

Cyprus enjoys almost 365 days a year of sunshine and many householders are interested in photovoltaic systems installation. The process though, to install a photovoltaic system, is unknown to most. We present you the 10 simple stages of the process in order to acquire your own net metering photovoltaic system in Cyprus.

1: Collect the annual electricity consumption of your house for the last year, through your utility bills or if it is a new residence get the building’s EPC.

2: Call us for a free visit and study of photovoltaic system installation to your site.

3: Dimensioning of the system based on the electricity consumption of your premises and the available area for installation.

4: Collect the documents required for the application  to the relevant departments.

5: Application for approval to EAC. Approximate response time 1-2 weeks.

6: Once approved by the Electricity Authority of Cyprus, the applicant signs a contract with the EAC.

7: We proceed immediately to the installation of the photovoltaic system on your residence.

8: We check the system and make sure everything is working properly and you will enjoy a fully functional home.

9. Inspection of photovoltaic system from EAC

10: After inspection from EAC, your photovoltaic net metering is connected to the Grid and you enjoy free energy from the sun with nearly zero electricity consumption!

If it’s too much for you, don’t worry. K-Energy can save you a lot of effort, by handling the entire process of setting in operation a photovoltaic net metering system in Cyprus. All you have to do is to collect the annual electricity consumption of the most recent year and the necessary documents and to contact us at 22311234 or by email at [email protected].

The increase seen in EAC accounts in recent years continues. This is mainly due to the continuous increase in the price of oil internationally.

With the net metering method in Cyprus, you can set off the electricity consumed with that produced by the photovoltaic plants. With a correct dimensioning for the installation of a photovoltaic system that will cover the needs of your property, any increase in tariffs will leave you indifferent as you will only pay the fixed and €0 electricity!

Freeze the increases now and reduce your electricity bill to almost zero, with the installation of photovoltaics. For immediate installation, contact us at 22311234 or by email at [email protected].

provisions for Photovoltaic System installation Cyprus

If you are in the stage of designing or constructing your home and you are considering a future Photovoltaic System installation you should pay attention to some key-factors in order to ensure the maximum yield of the photovoltaic system, avoid inconvenience and additional costs.

First of all, you need to arrange the method of attachment of the Photovoltaic System and the routing of cables from the installation to the electrical connection point. On flat roofs, during construction period, before the stage of thermal/water insulation, provisions must be done, in order to avoid a later potential damage of insulation from the perforation. Moreover this will help avoid concrete blocks installation which increases the cost of the system and charges the roof plate with additional load. The routing of cables from the installation point to the electrical connection point must be according to the requirements of the inverter manufacturer and in compliance with the local electrical installation regulations.

At the same time the spatial planning of the Photovoltaic System it should be taken into consideration, which must be such in order to have the maximum energy yield. Photovoltaic panels must be placed in a south-facing orientation with a 250 – 300 slope. Any deviation from the above specifications results in losses and discounted system energy yield compared to the optimum conditions.

Finally, the placement of photovoltaic panels should be such as to avoid shadows from solar water systems, other equipment and any other natural, architectural or technical obstacles. Proper planning will result in maximum energy gains.

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What is Net Metering Cyprus

When talking about photovoltaic installation in Cyprus, we often encounter the term net-metering. For many it is something unknown and others do not know exactly what it means and how it works.

NET- METERING is the billing arrangement between the measurement of the consumed electricity imported to the premise from the grid and the electricity generated by the photovoltaic system that was being exported to the grid.

In other words, if the consumption exceeds solar generation then the consumer will be billed the difference, otherwise the solar generation surplus will be transferred for use in the next billing period. In the last account of the financial year (February-March) will be the final settlement. Any surpluses cannot be transferred from one year to the next.

In the case of domestic consumers, net-metering, can set off electricity consumed by electrical storage heaters which are billed on an off-peak tariff, provided that the applicants declare in the application to the utility company that they wish this option to be included in the net-metering scheme.

The maximum installed power of photovoltaics under the net metering scheme, according to the regulations, amounts to 10kWp.

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Photovoltaic System Installation Cyprus

Before proceeding to the request for installation of photovoltaic systems it is important to know the regulatory framework and relative orders from the competent authorities, that govern the installation of PV Systems. Moreover, a very important part is the orientation and the slope which the photovoltaic panels are placed in order to get the maximum performance and yield.

In order to install a Photovoltaic System with capacity 3kWp – 10kWp on a pitched roof, the required net area needed is approximately 25m2 – 80m2. On the other hand, when the system is to be installed on a flat roof then it requires approximately 45m2 -150m2.

The ideal orientation and inclination of the photovoltaic system in order for the maximum energy yield is South and 28 °-30 ° respectively, and this is due to the geographical location of Cyprus. Any deviation from these parameters will negatively affect the generation of the system causing deviation from the optimal performance.

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Photovoltaic System maintenance Cyprus

More than 8500 households and businesses in Cyprus have benefited with immediate reduction to their electricity bills, by installing photovoltaic systems to their residences and premises under the Net-Metering Scheme.

In order to ensure that your photovoltaic system produces the maximum electricity and to avoid production losses, you must maintain the panels on a regular basis. In addition, with the regular maintenance you are able to reduce the odds of technical problems in equipment that might cause undesired accidents and repair costs.
Photovoltaic systems with a simple monitoring and maintenance can provide maximum performance for over 20 years. Below you may find three basic and simple steps for effective maintenance of your photovoltaic system:

1) Clean the panels from the dust at least three times a year with deionized water, preferably in the morning hours.

2) Keep monitoring the power output from your solar system. The monitoring is done through an online program and can be done through your smartphone or tablet. If you observe that during sunshine you had low electricity production, based on history, you must contact immediately a specialist in photovoltaic systems.

3) In case the solar system is on the ground you must keep the area clean, mainly of grasses, in order to eliminate the undesired effect of shading your system and at the same time to minimise the risk of fire at your property.

For more information on how to maintain a photovoltaic system and keep it in full operation, contact us at 22311234 or by email at [email protected]

photovoltaic systems price cyprus

A photovoltaic system up to 3kWp can significantly meet the electricity consumption needs of a typical household in Cyprus and the cost of system system starts from €4,400 +VAT. The average yearly generation of a 3kWp photovoltaic system, installed in Cyprus, is 5000kWh and this is equivalent to a counterpart of €1,000 on electricity bills, assuming a residential EAC tariff of €0,20/kWh.

The maximum installed power of a photovoltaic system under the Net Metering Scheme, according to the laws and regulations in Cyprus, is 10kWp. Such system can cover the needs of large families or small enterprises that have increased electricity consumption reaching approximately the value of 16600kWh.

The final decision on the power of the photovoltaic system to be installed at your premises, is a result of evaluation and analysis of your needs by our qualified engineers.

For a free evaluation of you existing or under construction residence, contact our experienced and qualified in photovoltaic systems, staff at 22311234 or by email at [email protected].