Energy Efficiency Upgrade

K-ENERGY by Karantonis is designated to serve the human society, maintaining at the same time the sustainability of natural systems and the environment, which will be delivered to the next generations. Equipped with the added values given by the Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Saving, through the rational and prudent energy management; we set as our goal to contribute positively in the effort put to reduce the Environmental pollution.

Led by our vision of sustainable development and to be independent of conventional energy sources, our goal is the reduction of energy consumption, and the use of Renewable Energy Sources. The excellent qualified Energy Engineers of the company are able to give solutions to improve Buildings Energy Efficiency, offering Energy and Economic Saving, along with Ergonomy. At the same time, they undertake the organization, administration and supervision of each project and they help you to benefit from subsidies, with up to 75% funding on the total budget of your building energy upgrade investment.

Give “Energy Label” to your Building

The Energy Label of a building establishes the estimated level of energy consumption, in order to ensure the advisable conditions for comfortable living. Through Energy Identity of a building, required information can be attained, for leading to recommendations for reliable, affordable, and viable building energy upgrade.