EcoStruxureTM Facility Advisor

Take your buildings to the next level

Advanced services that provide actionable visibility into the energy use of your single and multi-site buildings.

EcoStruxureTM Facility Advisor

Get even more with EcoStruxure Facility Advisor — leverage advanced building analytics and expert advice backed by Schneider Electric professionals to identify higher potential savings and make informed decisions that drive building excellence.

Take action to enhance your energy efciency

Finding the right strategy to properly manage energy consumption in single and multi-site buildings is crucial. You need a solution that not only observes energy savings, but also assesses the performance of your equipment and considers the comfort of your occupants.

With EcoStruxureTM Facility Advisor, you enhance your visibility on energy usage related to refrigeration, comfort, IT, cash registers, lighting, and more. Gain data based recommendations that
help you take charge of your buildings and implement new strategies to optimize your budget and your facilities.

Gain insight into your energy footprint

Achieve measurable energy savings by optimizing building performance based on pertinent data, including baseload and building signature analysis.

Get early alerts to detect abnormal consumptions or identify root-cause – loads powered on during unoccipued period – before it leads to extra expenses. Understand your events thanks to an in-depth energy analyses, including baseload level calculation, building signature and electricity intensity map analysis. Take action comparing smart KPIs and leverage the Schneider Electric expertise synthesized in your semi-annual performance report.

Baseload level tracks the minimum amount of energy a building uses to power systems that operate 24/7:

Detection of abnormal consumption during closed hour
Automatic alerts (daily): abnormal baseload level during closed hours with valuable data (contributors identifcation, waste, graph)
Threshold calculation and automatic comparison with similar consumption levels of the previous four weeks

Baseload – Individual day’s analysis

The baseload represents how much is spent when no activity is taking place in the building such as night and weekend

Building signature plots the energy consumption versus the external temperature obtained from a local meteorological database:

Detection of abnormal consumption compared to outside air temperature
Automatic alerts (weekly): abnormal over consumption with valuable data (open/closed days identifcation, waste, graph)
Quick identifcation of over/under consumption days

Electricity building signature – Outside air temperature correlation

The detection of abnormal consumption days leads to investigations to identify which equipment or usage (heating and/or process) was operating these days.

Optimize the performance of your buildings and investment portfolios

Leverage expert recommendations

Receive data-based recommendations and action plans
Bi-annually, examine all events in your performance report and review synthesized analyses
Gain peace of mind knowing your services are backed by Schneider Electric service advisors — informed decisions to meet your objectives

Manage and benchmark all your sites with your web portal

Monitor energy usage, consumption, and production of your chain
Compare performance of each site of your real estate stock
Establish benchmarks to focus on poor performers frst
Normalize consumption and visualize tendencies
Receive alerts to detect deviations and establish targets to avoid penalties
Compare your buildings efciency with local energy scales
Allocate costs
Gain monthly scorecards