Solar Mounting Systems

σύστημα στήριξης φωτοβολταϊκών Κύπρος The objective for every photovoltaic system is to achieve the optimum efficiency and this can only be obtained at optimum orientation and inclination. Solar Mounting Systems help the installer to achieve this objective. Mounting Systems being used in the Solar Industry are classified in categories depending on the type of surface that the Photovoltaic System will be installed. Solar Mounting Systems being used by K-Energy Ltd are made from aluminium of galvanised steel, with 20 year guarantee.

Inclined roof systems

Photovoltaic Systems on inclined or pitched roof in Cyprus shall follow the orientation and inclination of the roof according to the Town Planning regulations. Special mounting brackets are used for the installation of the PV System above the roof tiles.

Flat roof systems

Photovoltaic Systems on flat roofs are installed on metal triangles made of aluminium, screwed on concrete blocks or directly on the roof. Such PV Systems can be optimised to return the maximum from your investment.

Roof-integrated systems

Roof Integrated Photovoltaic Systems deploy a method of installation that replaces the use of roof tiles on residential premises.

Building-integrated systems

Building Integrated Photovoltaics or BIPV are solar cells integrated in double glazing applications and are installed on buildings in place of windows or as facades. The energy generation of BIPV is limited compared to optimised photovoltaic systems on flat roofs and out in the fields, but in countries with high solar irradiation like Cyprus such systems can be feasible.

Freestanding systems

Freestanding Photovoltaic Systems are integrated on the ground in rural areas. This is the method used in large scale photovoltaic systems all around the globe and in photovoltaic parks in Cyprus. The mounting systems are made of aluminium or galvanised steel and are fixed on the ground either with the use of concrete blocks or ground pile or ground screws.

Intelligent solar tracking system

Solar Tracking Systems are metallic systems, made of aluminium or galvanised steel, which the follow the sun path either with sensors or preconfigured algorithm (based on the coordinates of the installation site). There are single or double axis systems. Single axis can move either from east to west or changing the angle of inclination of the solar module whereas the double axis system moves from east to south at various angles in order to align the cells perpendicular to the sun path. Both technologies have been used and tested in Cyprus by K-Energy Ltd and they have caused an increase in the yield of the photovoltaic system from 15-20% for single axis and 35-40% for double axis mechanisms.

Nowadays there are many good and reliable solar inverters in the market. Our experience and the high level technical know-how of our personnel leads us to the choice of the most appropriate hardware for Cyprus. We collaborate with all the leading companies in the market and through our pilot systems we test and analyse what is the best solution for our customers.