Thermal Doors & Windows


Legislation in Cyprus specifying minimum energy requirements for new buildings has become stricter in recent years. Our goal is not just to comply with this regulation, but instead to ensure that our buildings reach their maximum thermal potential and provide you and your family with a thermally comfortable and healthy indoor environment throughout the year. Thermally insulated window frames and doors have a key role in achieving a comfortable living space as well reducing your heating and cooling needs and thus costs.


High levels of insulation can be achieved in buildings if thermally insulated windows and doors are used. A thermally-broken aluminium system combined with energy-efficient glazing, is used to achieve thermally insulated windows and doors. The thermal breakage within the aluminium frames prevents the flow of thermal energy across it i.e. from inside the building to the outside environment and vice versa. The thermal break in aluminium frames is achieved using a durable polyamide material, which is flexible, has an improved thermal performance and good noise insulation when compared to typical window frames.


Thermally insulated frames should always be combined with modern double-glazing windows to control solar radiation (Light Transmission, U-Value and Solar Factor). The energy glass is extremely efficient at maintaining a comfortable indoor environment throughout the year. One side of the glass is coated by microscopic metal oxides, reducing the incoming radiation from entering the building by up to 75%, whilst not allowing the internal energy to leave the building. Over summertime, the metal oxides keep the heat outside the house by reflecting the sunlight outside, thus reducing cooling costs. Whereas over wintertime, the metal oxides prevent the heat from leaving the building by reflecting it back indoors, whilst allowing the light to pass through, thus reducing heating costs. Aesthetically the energy-efficient glass looks like the typical glass.


The benefits of aluminium doors and windows in Cyprus are as follows:

  • Reduced cooling and heating costs.
  • Durability in extreme weather conditions.
  • Preventing water vapour condensation and sweating on aluminium and glass.
  • Prevention of mould.
  • Good sound insulation.
  • Low air permeability.

If you are considering installing thermally insulated windows and doors at your building, K-Energy energy consultants are more than happy to assist you. Contact us either through telephone on 22-311234 or via email on [email protected].