How can I reduce the electricity cost of using storage heaters?

The continuous increases in the cost of electricity consumption worldwide are expected to affect once again the households whose heating during the winter season is done by heat accumulators.

K-Energy is here to inform and propose solutions, keeping in mind the concern of all consumers.

A method of compensating part of the consumption of thermal accumulators is energy compensation (net metering). In particular, in the case of consumers who have thermal accumulators, the offset may also include the consumption of electricity from thermal accumulators. Applicants should state that they wish to include the consumption of the heat accumulators in the netting of electricity consumption, provided that the electricity supplier for the residence/property and for the heat accumulators is the same.

Therefore, the electricity surpluses that will arise in the February or March bill, after the energy offset of the photovoltaic system, will be retroactively offset against the electricity consumption of the thermal accumulators that occurred in the previous twelve months.

For example, in the February or March bill, any excess electricity from the netting of the produced and consumed electricity of the photovoltaic system, will be transferred to the thermal accumulators account in that period (February or March bill) and will be deducted from the electricity consumption of heat accumulators. The consumption of the thermal accumulators during the previous months will be paid normally. In the event that surpluses of electricity (kWh) occur after the offsetting with the thermal accumulators account for the two months (February or March), the said surpluses will be transferred to the respective previous consumption account of the thermal accumulators (January-December account) and then to the immediately preceding one (November October account), until they are cleared. As the applicant will have already paid the consumption bills of the thermal accumulators of the previous two months, the amount of money corresponding to said offset will be credited to him and will appear on the consumption bill of the month of February or March.

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