Category B concerns installations of Photovoltaic Systems implemented in commercial or industrial properties (commercial, industrial, public buildings, camps, schools) with the purpose of producing electricity for own use. Agricultural and livestock units are excluded.

  • The power of each Photovoltaic System that can be installed within category B should range from 10kW to 2000kW per beneficiary and per unit under the following conditions:

The maximum power of the system cannot exceed 80% of the consumer’s maximum demand.
For new facilities that do not have a recorded consumption profile, a study will be submitted by an independent researcher and will be approved by CERA.

  • Photovoltaic Self-Generation Systems can be installed in legally erected properties that are located within the same lot and/or neighboring lots with the property they serve.
  • The production of electricity from Self-Generating Photovoltaic Systems will be exclusively for self-consumption purposes only.
  • Any energy produced that is not used for own consumption but is fed into the network, will be counted by a meter installed by EAC or another Supplier. This surplus remains with the Supplier.
  • The consumption of the clean electricity produced by Self-Generating Photovoltaic Systems will be measured and the Supplier will be charged the currently applicable network charges, as determined by CERA.
  • Those interested can install electricity storage equipment.
  • During the years 2015-2016, Photovoltaic Systems with a total capacity of 20 MW can be installed using the Self-Generation method.