Solar Pumping


Stand-alone pumping P/V systems constitute a separate category of Stand-alone P/V systems, because each application has its own special features and characteristics. Consequently, each stand-alone P/V system should be designed according to its designated use needs and physical parameters of the pumping and storage point.

During the day, when there is adequate sunshine, the pump may be fed directly from the P/V panels, without the power storage being necessary. Hence, the transfer of the water at the higher point of the pool is achieved; this water may be used at any day time. Another option is to store the energy produced during daylight in batteries, so as to feed the pump when necessary.

In cases that the stand-alone P/V system is used for irrigation purposes, the special features of the crop are taken in mind upon the design of the system. Depending of the crop type, the watering may be at a specific time during the day. Given that the cultivation area as well as the crop species is granted/standard, daily water demands are consequently standard at large, with a small percentage of about 20% of increase during summer time, which is off set by the sunshine increase of that period.


Solar Pumping P/V systems used for the pool water recycle is an attractive investment in sunny countries like Cyprus. It may fulfil the need for recycling and filtration of pool water by converting solar energy to electric for the operation of the pool pump and causing energy saving on utility bills.

Photovoltaic system feeds the pump with energy, which then circulates the pool water through the filtering and chlorinating system. This energy fluctuates during the day, as well as seasonally during the year, due to the changing sun location and intensity. Therefore, the recycling – filtering needs, which are differentiated seasonally as well – are totally matched.