Virtual Net Metering


Virtual Net Metering? (Virtual Netting) is the installation of a Photovoltaic System connected to the EAC, to cover the needs of a house or even agricultural properties/businesses in a different location from the serviced property.


The Photovoltaic System will operate with the method of virtual netting of measurements of imported and exported electricity. The netting of electricity will be done either bi-monthly or monthly (depending on the category of the consumer). The electricity produced by a Photovoltaic system will be offset against the imported electricity from the network (consumption/account) of a single residential unit or building, located in a different area from the Photovoltaic system.

They have the right to apply:

  1. Residential consumers: Natural persons who live permanently in the areas under the control of the Republic of Cyprus and are the owners of the residential unit that will be served by the Photovoltaic System or, in the case that they are not the owners, the consent of the owner of the residential unit has been given.
  2. Professional farmers natural or legal persons.

The maximum power of each Photovoltaic System that can be installed is:

  • for residential consumers 10.4 kWp per electricity consumption bill
  • for professional farmers 100 kWp per electricity bill.